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We are the premier pediatric therapy center for Applied Behavior Analysis and the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and behavior difficulties in the Chicagoland area. 

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  • "I can honestly tell you Brooke is a genuinely caring person who brings compassion, intelligence and patience to her profession. I have consulted with her regarding patients of mine with special needs and she made their lives so much better."
    — Paula N
  • "You’ll find few behavior analysts with Brooke’s determination and enthusiasm. She exhibits an optimism that is necessary when trying to help individuals whose behaviors sets them apart from society."
    — Andrew H.
  • "I first met Brooke when I was looking for an ABA therapist for my son who has Autism. We were a bit desperate since my son was exhibiting some bad behavior. She was unbelievable, she is an expert in her field. My son has made such unbelievable progress since he started seeing her."
    — Lilia M.
  • "Brooke is very professional and helpful when it comes to providing services. She is a knowledgeable BCBA and I highly recommend her based on my prior experience consulting with her."
    — Shannon K.
  • "Brooke has been a tremendous help in working with our child. She is reliable and provides excellent expertise. Most importantly, our child responds well to her sessions and we are seeing improvements in areas that were in need of attention."
    — Tim C.
  • "Brooke works not only in implementing well constructed plans concerning therapy but also towards specific outcomes, both measurable and helpful for long range goals. I intend to use her again for continued service with my son."
    — Jonathyn B.
  • "Brooke has provided excellent, consistent care for my 12 years old son with Autism throughout the past 5 years as a behavior analyst with excellent knowledge in her field. She cares for each and every child with tender loving care."
    — I.B
  • "Hi Brooke! J brought home a report card today. All 3’s (out of 4’s) with a 4 in Art. We are so glad to see that the behavior issues have subsided, thanks to you!! Just wanted to share how awesome you are!!"
    — Tom Z.
  • "Brooke has been wonderful working with my oldest son. She truly has a gift for working with all children, but especially with developmental or behavioral delays. Thank you for all your hard work."
    — Jonathan S.
  • "Brooke is a human sparkler! She brings energy, compassion and fun to every patient family she touches. Brooke is genuine and hardworking, as evidenced by her award-winning-status for productivity. It is a pleasure to know her."
    — Shea C.
  • "Hi Brooke! Continue to be an example to all of us as someone who really cares about your clients!"
    — D.
  • "Ever since working with Brooke, I see so much improvement with Jack. He plays more with the kids. He goes up to them and asks them to play. I also notice that he will ask me more specifically what he wants to play, like a certain board game. He also has been pretending more with his toys!"
    — Janet.
  • "Evan has been doing great in school and at home lately. He is actually- believe it or not- behaved better than his younger bother! He is showing more patience. He also isn’t only recognizing other people’s feelings but also feeling empathy in more appropriate ways. He continues to make progress!!"
    — C.S
  • "If you are looking for an amazing ABA therapist for your child, then look no further. Brooke Schneider is truly amazing! She has done so much for our son. Dominic. She is and will forever be an angel to our family. Words cannot describe our gratitude for what she did for Dominic. When I was on the verge of giving up and let autism consume me instead of fighting for what I knew he could do; she gave me the reassurance that he can and will make it. Which he has and continues to do.. He has been mainstreamed, plays sports (non special needs) and just loves life. Brooke we love you so much! Thank you for all your encouragement with Dom and us."
    — Vicki L.

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